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Konkurs za predstavnika IBB i BBG u BiH

Interncionalne firme (IBB i BBG) zadužene za radio i televizijske stanice koje prenose programe VOA i RSE traže predstavnika u Bosni i Hercegovini. Procitajte konkurs na engelskom jeziku. Konkurs je otvoren do 31 oktobra.


Solicitation Number: BBG-IBB-PRG-15-02

Status: Open

Solicitation Date: October 17, 2014

Bid/Proposal Due Date: October 31, 2014

Title: BBG-IBB Office Of Strategy and Development – Prague, Satellite Officer Regional Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina

The SATELLITE OFFICER shall provide, but is not limited to, the following:

1. The SATELLITE OFFICER shall be responsible for a wide variety of marketing and affiliate relations activities in the International Broadcasting Bureau’s (IBB) Regional Satellite Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina promoting placement of the full range of BBG programs on local radio and TV stations, cable systems, networks and Internet throughout the designated region. The SATELLITE OFFICER is also responsible for media research, coordinating promotional marketing and training activities and maintaining close contacts with language services, the Regional Marketing Office, and headquarters.

2. Solicit prospective affiliates for BBG/VOA/RFERL from the ranks of private and state-run broadcasters, cable operators and Internet providers in the designated area.

3. Negotiate placement of advertising for BBG programs in the local media.

4. Arrange with local companies for supplemental purchasing and delivering of equipment to BBG affiliates.

5. Arrange with local companies for technical assistance for BBG affiliates in resolving signal delivery and other technical problems.

6. Arrange with local companies for installation of BBG satellite receiving equipment.

7. Occasionally, travel on assignments to affiliate stations throughout the designated area at the direction of the Regional Office Director or his Deputy. Visit necessary offices in preparation for negotiations with information ministries and local officials. Assist in negotiating terms for contracts and grant agreements with potential affiliates.

8. Coordinate with Regional Marketing Officer to establish and maintain affiliate database within the region.

9. Monitor and research media developments in assigned regions. Advise the Regional Marketing Officer on strategies for expanding affiliations and improving affiliate services. Develop marketing strategies, organize advertising campaigns and design of promotional materials.

10. Organize affiliate workshops and conferences.

11. Maintain frequent and regular contacts with current and potential affiliates. Contact should be bi-weekly at minimum and more if the situation warrants. Respond to inquiries about affiliate programs.

12. Provide the Regional Marketing Officer with a weekly report of his activities.

13. Record and dub BBG programs for distribution to affiliate stations when requested.

14. Search for FM frequencies where necessary.

15. Monitor rebroadcasting of BBG programs on affiliate stations.

16. Monitor and/or troubleshoot payments to BBG affiliates or advertising vendors.

17. BBG will cover official business telephone bills NOT TO EXCEED $500 per 6 months. Original translated receipt must be attached.

The Satellite Officer may not contract and obligate Agency funds without the permission of an Agency employee.

1. In consideration for the above services, BBG will pay SATELLITE OFFICER an amount not to exceed $1,000 per month, covering on the average five full days of BBG-related work per week. All local taxes are the responsibility of SATELLITE OFFICER.

2. Initial contract period will be six months with a one-year option period.

3. BBG will pay the Contractor an amount NOT TO EXCEED $500 per 6 months to cover telephone bills. BBG will cover operating expenses required for performance of duties above. The Contractor shall submit a monthly invoice, along with original translated receipts to the Contracting Officer for review and approval for payment.

4. BBG will pay all fees, invoices, and expenditures on a monthly basis within 30 days of receipt of a proper invoice from SATELLITE OFFICER.

5. Expenditures and invoices shall be translated to English and accompanied with detailed justifications for the amount billed.

Please submit current CV, cover letter and English language writing sample to Contracting Officer Adam Gartner at before October 31, 2014.