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Billboard Targets Nesterenko’s Negative Behavior

A billboard with a message to outgoing Russian Ambassador in Montenegro, Andrey Nesterenko, in Podgorica on July 29, 2015.

A billboard bearing a sarcastic, anonymous message about former Russian Ambassador Andrei Nesterenko’s behavior in office has appeared in Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica.

The message, written in Russian, reads in English:

“Dear Mr. Nesterenko, thank you for your recommendations for [our] NATO membership. We say to you: keep your hands off us. We propose that you rest on our coast and we wish you a pleasant journey."

It is signed, “Sovereign Montenegro”.

The biting message refers to the outgoing ambassador’s advocacy against Montenegro’s joining NATO.

During his four-year term, he did not attend many state events and organized events to which he did not invite Montenegrin representatives.

That attitude intensified after Montenegro amplified its campaign for NATO membership and after it supported the EU sanctions against Russia.

The sanctions were imposed because of the Russian-supported Ukraine incursion and Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.